Thursday, March 2, 2017

Traveling Trend: Cruises!
An upcoming traveling trend in 2017 are cruises! I know what you’re thinking, cruises are so basic… But the cruises I’m talking about are different. I am talking about River Cruises!
River Cruises are smaller vessels, much smaller than regular cruise ships, that take place for usually one or two weeks. They are much smaller boats that hold less people because they are typically through a smaller cruise line or travel tour group, rather than a very large corporate cruise line such as Carnival Cruises. Also, because they are traveling on rivers rather than oceans, the boats only go to certain places and have to be a certain size to fit through the rivers.

River cruises typically stop at multiple ports along their journey and dock in cities and towns so that passengers can experience the cultures of different places while setting sail to different locations every 2-3 days. River Cruises can be taken on the Danube River, Rhine River, Main River, Moselle River, Rhône River, and Seine River. River Cruises are most popular in Europe due to the number of rivers in that area.
These river cruise boats offer standard staterooms, rooms with balconies, suites, and even upgraded staterooms. With sun decks and restaurants overflowing with impeccable food and talented chefs, a cruise on one of these boats is an opportunity you will not want to miss out on. There are even lounges, libraries, herb gardens, and walking tracks on board. Some even have fitness centers and spa amenities.
Although these type of cruises are typically for adults not accompanied by children, they are still kid friendly, of course. There is not as much for young kids to do on this boat in comparison to large cruise lines. Have you ever taken a river cruise? If so, where?
River Cruises are a great way to explore different parts of the world that you may have not been able to see before. It makes it a more memorable and fun experience when you are living on the water and stopping daily to explore new cities and new countries. They are an upcoming traveling trend that I promise you’ll not want to miss out on!!!

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